Palm tree in Cambodia

Palm tree in Cambodia
Artist by: Heng monyphal
Five features that makes Cambodian palm is the number one product of the best in ASEAN
Cambodia is the only country with many palm trees and countries around the world are unlike Cambodia. Palm has become a Cambodian identity. The benefits of palm trees are remarkable for Cambodians.
Palm trees can be used to make various kinds of furniture, while palm trees can be made of sugar, vinegar and wine. Palm leaves can be used to make roofs, mats and other items. Palm juice can be used to make dessert and palm.

According to a French study of the potential of a French palm in cooperation with CEDAC in 2013 found that palm trees in Cambodia were nearly 3 million, with Kampong Speu being the largest, followed by Kompong Chhnang province, and Pursat province, and palm trees in provinces throughout the country. The same study found that in Cambodia, there were more than 20,000 families living with palm sugar in Cambodia.

The most prominent products of palm sugar are organic palm sugar, ranked by ASEAN as the # 1 best product by 2017 at the 15th ASEAN Fusion Conference in Ho Chi Minh City in mid-November 2017.

Hem Piseth, executive director of Confirel, which brings organic palm sugar to the country, told Camomino newspaper: “I am very happy that our palm sugar has been recognized internationally.

Five qualities of Cambodian palm sugar were won by ASEAN
According to Him Piseth, Cambodian palm has five features that make the ASEAN awards, ranked No. 1 as the best by 2017.

Cambodian palm sugar is a nutritionally suited organic sugar with good health for consumers.
This organic palm was once recognized for quality by the European Union, the US and Japan.
The packaging of Cambodian palm sugar is highly hygienic and attractive. Confirel used palm leaves to pack as a result of non-plastic injection to the environment.
Cambodian palm sugar is a product derived from a social business idea – business people who teach people skills and make the most profit to local people.
Palm sugar is one of the few sugar in the world. Other countries in the world do not have palm sugar.
He said that the company now exports more than 200 tons of organic sugar per year to European countries such as: France, the Netherlands and Germany. According to Him Piseth, Cambodian paddy also received a prize at the Natexpo trade show in Paris, France in 2005 and became a Geographical Identification (GI) product in early 2017. Mr.

“People start to think that Cambodian palm is no longer in the rice field anymore. Through the company’s packaging and packaging, palm sugar is good for consumer health and social contribution. ”

Heem Piseth said that more than 100 families in Oudong district of Kampong Speu province are now benefiting from the sale of palm sugar for sale abroad.

In addition to palm sugar, the company has cooperated with the Kampong Speu Palm Sugar Association to process palm juice, vinegar and brown rice to international markets.