Rumdoul National Flower in Cambodia

painting by Heng monyphal
National Flower: Rumdoul Mitrella mesnyi (wrong) Sphaerocoryne affinis (correct)

His Royal Highness The King is also said to be a floral aficionado, and gave the common rumduol the honour of a royal decree and rank of national bloom. This fragrant member of the soursop fruit family is highly regarded in these parts for its aroma, strongest in the early morning and evening, and grown all over the place to try to mask the smell of cow dung and smoldering plastic. Districts are named after it, scented candles are made from it and beautiful Cambodian ladies are compared to it, like a summer’s day.

Next time I have a cup of tea and a fairy cake with himself, I’m going to make a few more suggestions to beef up the list, however I’m still undecided on some of the catagories.

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